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“I will bleed for better reasons this year.”

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Foggy Britain, from 1928 to 1952. (x)

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Early morning

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kezzadafezza asked: Hey Louise! :) Being a bigger girl, I am so worried about what to wear in the summer AND I have a holiday to Turkey in July. I feel so hot and uncomfortable having to wear jeans and cover up my horrible arms etc all the time. My body shape is very similar to yours, I always love what you wear! What types of clothes do you recommend I should look at?? i,e, what length skirts etc to best compliment my fuller figure??? much love! :) <3


First of all, I know you don’t have horrible arms or legs. Whenever you think like that you have to remember that they are just arms and legs. Just limbs. Not horrible. I have wibbly thighs but I get them out because I’m not going to be hot and bothered and if someone looks at them and thinks, ‘urgh they’re a bit fatty jibbly’ then the shame is on them, not me.

Clothes wise - ASOS has some LOVELY floaty dresses. Go for dresses with short sleeves if you feel like straps are too exposing, skater fits are flattering to bigger boobies and look lovely on cinched in waists. Maxi skirts worn high with tops tucked in are always glamourous and leave you feeling a little more covered. 

Remember though, slim does not equal beautiful and chubby does not equal ugly. Some people love girls with a bit of meat on their bones and some like leanbeans. Love yourself. It’s only skin and biological stuff that makes up your body. Your beauty is in the way you treat people, the way you hold yourself and the choices you make. Clothes are just the icing on the already delicious cake. xxx